Pumpkin Crawl

Businesses all around Phoenixville will be offering pumpkin treats, dishes, and more this fall.

In the three weeks leading up to PumpkinFest, check out all things pumpkin that Phoenixville businesses have to offer and you'll get not only a tasty fall, but also a shot at winning a grand prize at Pumpkinfest.



1. VISIT local businesses participating in in the Pumpkin Crawl. You'll know them by the Pumpkin Crawl signs posted in their storefronts; there's also a list below!

2. PUNCH your Pumpkin Crawl punchcard at each local spot you visit. (You can pick up cards at any participating Phoenixville business.)

3. WIN a grand prize drawing on the day of Pumpkinfest by visiting at least three participating businesses and punching your card. (Pay attention to where your card is punched to make sure that your name and number are still visible! If your card has too many punches to record your information clearly, consider a solution like affixing a return-address label or a piece of tape to the card so we can contact you in the event you've won.)


Do you own or manage a Phoenixville business interested in participating in the Pumpkin Crawl? We'd love to help promote your business through the 2018 Pumpkin Crawl! Crawl registration is now available as part of our sponsorship packages, which will help participating businesses receive even more perks! Write us at info@phoenixvillepumpkinfest.com