Pumpkin Carving Contests



Not an Expert – No Problem!

This year, local businesses will host, judge and/or sponsor a variety of pumpkin carving contests. Be sure to check back online or follow us on facebook to stay up to date and to find out if more contests are added.


The carving contests will be located at various stores and locations in Downtown Phoenixville, PA.

All contestants should arrive between 10:30 – 11:00 am the day of Pumpkinfest and Check-In at the Pumpkinfest Contest information table unless otherwise instructed in the contest description.


  • Register by October 20th
  • Contestants limited to 1 entry per contest
  • Be sure to read contest details & rules carefully before registering

Display of Pumpkins:

Pumpkins from the carving contest may remain at local businesses and be displayed from October 26th – 31st.  If you would like your pumpkin back you may arrange to pick it up from the local business where it is on display.  If you do not wish to have your pumpkin on display but would like to take it home, check that option on the online registration form.

All Pumpkins will be judged based on – Design – Detail – Creativity – Originality.  Judges will view the pumpkins at the specified time and winners announced and prizes awarded.

Current Participating Business for 2013:

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Phoenix Karate – Karate Karve

Classic Carve




Tattoo Carve